Sunday, 17 December 2017

End Of The Week, The End Of The Lead Mountain

It's odd but I can contemplate being at the end of my lead mountain. Well pretty close to it anyway, in 28mm at least (there are all those 6mm French Napoleonics to paint and some WW2 Americans and a slew of 15mm stuff but I am not talking about them). It's not that there won't be any left it's more that I am getting to the end of the line with what metal figures I have that I intend to paint.

Looking at the figures I have in hand I am going back to paint stuff that in some cases has been knocking around for ten and in a few cases, twenty years. I have stuff a lot older than that as well. This is stuff that I am realistically never going to paint. I have a load of old GW space marines, a few of which I brought but most of which I was given. I cannot see me ever painting them but they have a certain sentimental value that prevents me from selling them. I could almost fill up all of next years blog with that. Well maybe not but it's an idea.

Anyway, back to the week that is and isn't going to be for much longer. Technically, I have only painted four figures this week but as two of them were big figures I am counting that as satisfying The New Cruelty. I haven't had a huge amount of time in the last few days and what I have had has been in short bursts. This is no good for me to start painting but it is good for me gluing things together and basing them. So that is what I have been up to. I finished off some of the stuff I started yesterday and have done some more. I have glued and gritted 15 lizardmen, 10 space dwarves, 10 human sci-fi warriors, 4 early saxon warlords, 12 space greeblies and a lot of other bits and pieces. Some I have had a few years but the sci-fi warriors must be at least twenty if not twenty five years in the queue. Other than the Saxons, these are mostly down for Titansgrave but I am thinking the greeblies will make a good bad guys for X-Com. There are also a number of swarm bases in various states or (un) completeness that need to be looked at.

Upcomming is a lot of priming. This assumes that the weather is okay. I can see me doing some more basing first. There is still plenty of that to do. These days I usually think in terms of doing projects that are going to be multi use. Things that I can use in a number of games and maybe even cross genre.

I would like to get the lizardmen done next week but there are a few of them missing and I would like to find them first. If I do, this should be a quick job as I am planning a simple black/grey colour scheme for them. Whilst these are obviously fantasy figures I can see a use for them in Titansgrave and maybe even as a post apocalypse race.

No decisions yet so I will see what next week brings.


  1. Yep, been there, got that problem too. Saturday, my beloved, told me to sit at my workbench and do something creative. Which I did. Just been too busy with my novel to have the time and inclination to work on my models.

    1. It's always the place I find to rest my mind. I can usually work things out or just forget about them when I get a good run at things,