Friday, 29 December 2017

Getting Close To The End Of The Year

The phrase "Another year over and a new one, just begun". It has been that kind of year. I'll be doing a full review of the year and a guestimate of what the new year will bring in a couple of days which is what I do every year. I am just wistfully thinking about missed opportunities this year. There have been a few games and kickstarters I have missed out on and, more importantly, some missed opportunities in the real world.
I had a chance to buy a copy of Kingdom Death Monster today. For some reason it has an attraction for me. It's different from just about every other game and at about 17 pounds in weight. The figures were a big part of the game for me. The monsters are just so different from anything else. They give the game such an other wordly vibe. However, at £250 I dropped out of the bidding.

Then there was the Nickstarter for Ghost Archipelago. I have back a lot of stuff to do with Frostgrave and I was tempted to back this. With the exception of some of the monsters, most of this did fit anything else I do, even the frostgrave stuff.

I was talking about Chronicle X yesterday. This would mean an opportunity to go back to my sci-fi roots which is something I miss and maybe push the X-Com project on a bit. Since going back to painting 28mm figures it has been a bit of a fantasy fest. Not that I am complaining. Even though I prefer sci-fi, people do want to play fantasy.
As a stop gap I might buy a copy of Star Saga. To be honest I have no real interest in the game itself and I doubt anyone in my gaming group would actually play it. The minis look like the fit in well with Chronicle X and the X-Com project so the game is worth a punt. When I look at this I like the figures but I like the terrain more. This really will fit in with my idea of X-Com.

Although these are not RPGs in the true sense, they all depend on the persistence of characters. My plan for the X-Com game is to give players a range of characters. I don't really want them playing soldiers as their main characters as I want the game to be bloody. On top of what I have already there might be some good stuff in the other sets as well.

I still have a load of The Walking Dead to do. I don't really want to leave them until Zomtober especially as I have another plan for that. I have a pile of figures in my draw, mostly characters still need painting.

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  1. I dunno Fred, but if Chronicle X and Star Saga "get you back to your (Sci Fi) roots", there's a lot to be said for that option.
    Entirely your call of course, but after much deliberation beforehand, revisiting the ECW (one of my own "roots" periods) has been one of my best decisions gaming wise this year.