Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How Long Is It Possible To Look At The Workbench Without Doing Something?

The answer is a couple of hours at least. This evening I am tired. When I got in I slept for the best part of three hours in front of YouTube telling me how to paint better figures. Hopefully I will be able to take all this on board in my sleep.

Having just got this Fitbit thing it is kind of ruling my life. My aspirational goal for yesterday was to hit 15,000 steps. I managed that and more again today mainly down to the joys of Christmas shopping and a rather overly energetic early morning plus a little dog walking. So I am tired. There is a fresh hell coming my way in the morning. No more shopping but there is the house to get ready.

At some point today I was expecting to start painting. By this time last week I had three figures more or less done. Today was another day of PVA and sand. Tomorrow is looking like hell day again. Time to declare martial law and suspend The New Cruelty till after Christmas.....

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