Monday, 11 December 2017

Hill Or Frost Giant

I think I got this guy from Northstar as part of the Frostgrave range when it came out. It's not the biggest giant miniature I posses but he is nicely posed and has what I consider a very giant like face.

This week I thought I'd try out a few techniques that are new to me. One of the things I came across lately was to use washes as the main paint. It does work for all colours, especially on bigger areas and it seems to work better on grey. The colour on the base is the one I started with. Obviously on black you are not going to see it and on white it's going to be a bit too translucent but maybe that's not a bad effect either.

The skin and the fur are essentially washes which have been highlighted. The flesh has worked out very nicely and the fur is not too shabby either. The white hair and anything that is brown has had some paint and I think I gave the head of the axe a different colour of grey than the rest of it.

My plan is to try this out on a few other models. If it works this should speed things up a lot. This giant took about an hour which is pretty good for a bigger model.