Friday, 15 December 2017

Workbench Space?

There is something about my current workbench that I hate. I can't quite put my finger on it but maybe that is because there is so many things wrong with it. It's too small, it's to dark, it's too deep, there is not space for a cutting mat, I can't get any more light into it, the storage space around is difficult to access and there is just not enough of it to name but a few.

At the moment there is the chance I could have a five foot by two foot workbench in the garage. The down sides with this is that this is pretty much all the space I would have and right now, and for most of the year it would a little bit chilly.

Every now and again I work on a design for a workbench. Like most of us what I would really like is a games room with a bit of workshop space. Well maybe a lot of workshop space. As well as being a gamer I am a bit of a tinkerer and I like to make things out of wood using big big power tools. So space for that would be good.

SO WHAT I AM ASKING IS does anybody have any good ideas about designing a work area/gaming area?

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  1. Usually your choices are constrained by what you have in place already, or what you can afford to put in.

    I'd suggest you consider what makes it easy for you to paint now and what makes it more difficult.

    I, for example, prefer to have a tv nearby while I paint. I think if I made a workstation without that I would paint less. My computer station doesn't have a deep enough work area, so I won't paint there.

    Enough storage arranged in such a way that you can easily access/put away paints, brushes, cleaning supplies. Easy enough access to water. Sufficient lighting as you have noted.

    The real hangup does sound like it might be the temperature. It might be worth setting up a card table or something similar and try some painting sessions to see if it's a deal breaker or not.