Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Good, Bad Guy

A good, bad guy is great for most RPG and having a 28mm figure to represent them on tabletop is even better. I talked about the idea a while back HERE. In my game that bad guy is a necromancer (possibly the best bad guy for fantasy) called Vetis Bane. He is written into the myths of the land but the players have yet to meet him in person. Not that I am modelling him on Sauron.

Once you have done the big reveal and put the bad guy on the table with the players his days are numbered. You need an exit strategy or the players are eventually going to catch up with him. However, this guy is a necromancer and if he can bring zombies back from the dead then why can't he bring himself back? This would give me a bit of a back up if something went wrong and the players got closer than intended.

The idea is to have the bad guy in various stages of decline. Normally, withered and decayed. I looked for a metal min for the purpose but couldn't find the right figure on one that could be easily converted. It wasn't until I had gone through that process until I thought about what I actually had already.

So I was going  through what I had in boxes and I found some Northstar Cultist figures from their Frostgrave figures. Whilst no absolutely perfect I figured that they would be a good place to start. I didn't like any of the heads in the back so I found this metal head and thought it would just about do. I haven't made up my mind. What do you think?


  1. What a cracking idea Fred, it should look amazing all painted up!

    1. It should essentially be the same paint job on all but the plan is to make them look slightly more battered at each stage of decay.