Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Chronicle X - To Back Or Not To Back

I am a big fan of the computer game X-Com. It's been a passion of mine since it first came out in 1994. Ithas been something I have wanted to do on tabletop for a long time. The board game, based on the last but one computer game, was nice but it wasn't a tabletop skirmish game which for me is the best part of the computer game.
 So there is a new miniatures game on Kickstarter called Chronicle-X. This obviously isn't X-Com, that would be copyright infringement. It is however close enough in scope to give us a worthy tabletop experience. $200 all in or $100 for all the basics might seem a little pricey. Then I am looking at the Fallout game and Kingdom Death: Monster, so maybe not. I have probably spent more than that on The Walking Dead already.
There are lots of figures. Mostly they are Greys of some form or another. There are a couple of none Grey races and what look like a range of what would be Terror Units in X-Com. Whilst they are not all individual sculpts there is some variety in them. I like the fact that all the bases on them are nicely moulded and look like the kinds of stuff that would cost significant money to buy as extras. There is in the region of 70-80 alien figures (I think) and around fifteen good guys. So that is in the region of $2 a figure for the plastic alone and some of the bad guys are big.

It accomplishes terrain by the use of boards. Whilst there are only six in the basic $100 box there are another 14 available if you go for the $200 set as add ons from the goals. Each game is played on four boards. The boards look about 10" square. Assuming they are double sided, this is a lot of terrain to fight over. There looks like some stand up terrain as well although I have seen better.

Over the last year I have been wondering if I could ever get an X-Com game off the ground. Along with what I have already, this game and maybe some of the stuff from Star Saga and similar terrain, I can see this being a game I can finally get to grips with.


  1. Do you have the money? Will you regret spending it on this when there's something else you want more? Otherwise, it looks like a bargain to me.

  2. I have the money. The only thing is will it end up gathering dust or not?

  3. Does that matter? More importantly, will you regret not buying it?