Monday, 18 December 2017

Start Of The Week And STILL Working On The Lead Mountain A.K.A. The Time Of The Lizardmen

Today has been a busy day. I have started on an exercise program that is basically walking. It's not the most intensive exercise I have ever done but it is working. I have done something like just over 17,000 steps today, getting to almost double the minimum daily suggestion. Some of it is just day to day life, some is me putting a little extra in here and there, in the run up to Christmas a good chunk has been shopping but mostly it has been dog walking. Sadly the dog appears to me losing more weight than me. That said, the Fitbit is telling me that I have burned around 4,000 calories today.

This has not left me with much time for anything else. No painting again today but my workbench is beginning to get crowded with unpainted and based figures some of which are actually flocked. Although it had been my plan to prime some of these today the weather here has been pretty bad. I am not sure that I would have been able to see the grey primer for the fog. I have dug out some more including some 1996 lizardmen skinks. I have about fifteen of them and would like some more. Compared to the newer plastic skinks, they are tiny. I guess it goes to show how GW figures seem to be creeping up in size over the years.

All in all another thirty figures have found their way onto bases today and almost all need gritting. I am hoping that there will be some painting at some point this week. At the moment though the plan looks like basing stuff up until the weather breaks or Christmas arrives.

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