Sunday, 3 December 2017

Gluing Things Together

Gluing one bit of a mini to another bit seems to be taking gradually more and more time as I get older. This coupled with all the playing about with the bases seems to have extended the amount of time I spend with a model before I even start painting it drastically. At least I don't have to prime everything by hand now.

I think I have already mentioned that I went to a game show yesterday. So as well as finishing off this week's work (probably what I should be blogging about but i don't have the pictures) I decided that I would strike whilst the iron is hot. This is probably a good way to go as most of what I purchased yesterday is larger figures and I always spend a lot of time staring at them and not painting them before I even start work.
This is the Reaper water elemental.  I guess it is somewhere in the region of 100mm/4" high. I am not sure about the material it's made from as I am assuming they think you can use it as is. If they do they have very low standards. It's a big beast but I am hoping it is relatively easy to paint.

The fire elemental is much the same thing. Just as big and maybe slightly heavier. Flames a little harder to get right so this may take a bit longer.

I've had one of the bat swarms for a while now. In games I like the idea of swarm creatures so I have done quite a few of them recently. A flying swarm was something I was missing. Now I have enough of them. I can't remember what the other beastie is called but it looks like one of the creatures kept as pets (I think) by Skyrim's versions of goblins. I can also see a post apocalypse use for it.

The one on the left is destined to be a demon/fire giant for the Viking game. It's not that long since I did one of the ones in the middle. I liked the pose and think I could do him with a vastly different colours. On the right is a sea troll which again I can see a post-apocalyptic angel on.

Lastly another big beastie. I don't have any gryphons and I am trying to cover all my bases. Not really all that good for the Viking game but it looks the part and I can see other uses for it.

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  1. Unfortunately I'm only seeing the first photo Fred - but I do like that water elemental. I have one to proxy as a ghost for my paranormal exterminators :)