Saturday, 16 December 2017

State Of The Workbench

Christmas Is Coming is a phrase I use a lot at this time of year along with Dashing Through The No. It's a busy time, especially as I am mid health kick, so I haven't had a huge amount of time to spare. That said it's been a reasonably productive week.
On top of the painting I have been doing some prep work. The Rangers, mostly to the left in the picture are planned to become robbers and brigands. Along with a few thieves, these should make a nice opfor. There are five space dwarves. These will eventually become good guys and maybe PC for Titansgrave. The aliens that look like a smaller version of Genestealers are also being prepped for Titansgrave. I can see a campaign based around them. I can see them becoming an alien race for the sci-fi wargame Future War Commander. There are some old GW skinks which are planned to be lizardmen. The plan for all but the dwarves is to give the a fairly tabletop standard paint job. Simply quick and easy.

There is a lot of part finished figures as well and some terrain. Whilst I have worked on the terrain this week, I haven't finished any if it. I have also worked
on a rat swarm base but that's not on the picture.

Next week is going to involve a lot of sand, glue and primer.

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