Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Still Looking For A Plan

Not my most productive day. Although I am fairly well exercised I haven't got much else done. The some total of the day is to have glued five two piece figures together. Not much but I guess that this is progress.

Whilst I still have no clear path ahead things are again looking a little post apocalyptic. What I have glued together is definitely in that domain. I keep looking at hobbit goblins which I have always planned to convert to a race I call dregs in my game. Chop off a few weapons and add some new ones.
I have been on eBay for the first time in ages and ordered some more old skinks. These are definitely looking like lesser lizardmen to me but I can see a post apocalyptic use as well. These look tiny next to the newer skinks which are pretty much man sized when compared to most 28mm figures.

Tomorrow is looking like a busy one but should get easier after the morning. Maybe I can get some priming and painting done.

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  1. I assembled three figures at the weekend, cleaned my workbench, dusted the forlorn models waiting for me to paint them. Given how busy I've been, I count this as a win. And by extension, so should you.