Sunday, 27 April 2014

More Work

I have been playing around with some more Vikings. There are a couple of warriors that I have finished off but for the most part they are civilians. These are pretty close to being finished. It's just down to a few small spots that need attention and some detailing before varnishing. I have started flocking and painting the bases before I start the paint job. This may be a bit of double handing which is not something that I normally do. I'm doing it because I seem to knock more paint off when I am doing the basing so have to touch them up after I've finished.
I am wondering what to do next. I have the Viking game coming up so should really crack on with stuff for that. I could always use some more monsters but have kind of run out of what I can paint without some more scab red. Unless I take on one of the big ones which scares me.


  1. These are wonderfully characters Fred, I really like the chap with the wooden leg - genius!

    1. I wanted to have something on the table top that the players didn't have to kill. It will be a Viking raiding kind of game so killing is optional.