Wednesday, 23 April 2014

2300: Tour The Universe And Kill Things or In Space No One Can Hear You. It's Physics

Another night of 2300 on Monday. This is the first time I've played a space combat in a while. I did some 2300 many years ago and remember that the ship combat was pretty deadly. So obviously this was the day the players with the ship skill set were not going to turn up. Can't blame them, it was Easter Monday after all. So all the more dice rolling for me as the other players were all grunts. One of them had the ability to pilot drones but had stratospherically bad luck and probably managed to melt a little paint.
So the story goes we are taking the new ship on a bit of a shakedown and we pick up a jammed message, well just about. It turns out that it's a distress signal so our attention was peeked. What we find is two, old, surplus Chinese ships chasing down a merchant ship. This is a bad thing. The ref tells us that loads of these were sold as surplus so no one knows who they belong to.
So, mainly due to a lot of luck I draw bead on one of the bad guys. This did not work out well for the enemy. Six hits later and it goes boom.
Then the next one goes boom. this was followed by a boarding action. It seems thta the Kafer had gotten control of the ships. Sadly the boarding party (my character doesn't do vac suits or floating around in zero gravity, yet) didn't manage to take any of the Kafer alive. What's next ref?


  1. Replies
    1. The two blue ones are GZG, the cylinder is firestorm armada, I think. The last one looks like an old traveller patrol cruiser so is probably long oop. I'll check and get back to you unless Mark cares to comment?