Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Terra Mystica And Matters Arising

I have played Terra Mystica tonight. It's a vaguely fantasy, resource management game. It's not the first time I have played the game but really didn't seem to be able to concentrate on it properly. This is a shame because this is a good game. Some how I seem to have been lost in my own thoughts tonight. This was the first time I have made it out to the boadr gaming group in Warrington since before Christmas. Lots of things seem to have gotten in the way. This made my lack of concentration even worse.
The camera lets the game down a bit. For those of you who judge games by the number and type of cubes, this one is a winner. It's quite a complex game to wrap your head around when you first play but it does get easier. There are plenty of rules that seem open to interpretation but there is usually an arbiter there to explain the real way it should be played. I play against people who have played the game a lot. The trick, like a few modern games, is to know how to work the races, which being Frank (ahem), I am not.

It's worth a play if you like resources management games.

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