Sunday, 7 April 2013

Time For a Change

I think it's time for a change. Dun Dun Duh.... For all that I have done in 15mm in the last few years, I think it's time to change the emphasis of the blog a bit. Don't get me wrong. The 15mm stuff will still be there but I think that I'll be doing some more stuff in other scales over the next year or so. I also think it might be limiting my audience a bit too and I like to think that I am doing this to reach people rather than just talking to myself. I get plenty of hits but not so many follows and comments as other people do. I guess that the 15mm tag is what is doing this.  If anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. I've added a couple of categories such as 28mm and RPG as that is where I guess I am going. There will be some 6mm Napoleonic I guess but 20mm still seems like a bad dream to me so I guess I will stay away from that.

Zombies are still going to be there and I guess there will still be more modern and Sci-Fi stuff coming up rather than ancients but maybe a wider range of periods too. This is a fairly safe bet as I know what's in the paint queue.

I haven't had a chance to pick a brush up this week so there isn't much else to post. I have been busy trying to keep up to date with coursework and with what is going on in real life.

I did attend a savage worlds Three Musketeers with magic game using the week which I am really enjoying. Here's a picture. I like the game which is largely down to the GM and the player interaction.


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  1. Just do what you feel doing as it is your hobby after all. As for the hits and comments, I believe advertising would help, like on forums and such.