Thursday, 12 July 2018

Is It Worth It?

This one is all about money. We all like money don't we? So if anyone has any thoughts I would really appreciate you giving me the benefit of them.
Usually the only currency I am interested in is two pence pieces
So the times are a changing and I am about to go into business for myself. Laser cutting anything game related seems to be my first course of action. The name of the game in business is making money.  So I am a bit torn. This blog has always been about doing something to amuse myself. Why I want to do this I am not sure. Painting figures used to be enough but I have found that blogging about it seems to make me a better painter.

Or to put it another way, HELP.

And no I am not asking for a handout.

I am thinking maybe I should put AdSense on the blog. I am almost at the stage where five or ten pounds a month might suddenly be important. I guess there are other ways to make some money to. Has anybody done it? Did it make any money? Did it naff of the readers? How much of a pain was it? Are there any things I might need to know?

Hell I am even at the stage where I am considering putting up a YouTube channel seems worthwhile even if it's going to take a while to make money. I spent six months toing a desktop video editing course so I might as well put those skills to use.

On a wider scale than this, if anyone has any insights or tips about setting up a business I would really appreciate it.


  1. The changes of getting five or ten pounds a month from AdSense are minimal - I don't think I've ever received that much in the two-plus years I've had it on my blog. I wouldn't bother doing it if I was you.

    Can't advise on Youtube, I'm afraid.

  2. YouTube is not the money generator people think it is, though if you get millions of views you can make some money. It's sponsors of your channel that generate income for the creator.

  3. Adsense is a bit hmm. I have had it on my blog for a few years now. Barely made £10 and you can't bank it until you reach £50.....You need people to click on the adverts to generate the clicks.