Saturday, 14 July 2018

Boardgames - I (Almost) Never Get This Right

I like playing board games. It's something I like to do and would happily do more off. As with most things I wonder how good I am at playing them. Playing games multiple times gives you a certain degree of insight into them and I just don't play most games often enough. Over the years I have come to believe I have a certain amount of natural talent at playing game. However I don't learn from my mistakes. What this means is that the first time I play a game (assuming that everyone else either hasn't played it or hasn't played it much) I usually do pretty well and more often than not I win. When I play again, I winuch less often.

So I ask myself why. Do I just fail to learn from my mistakes? Or is it something else? I have come to the conclusion that I just don't play enough games.  There are a few games that I really like playing but to be honest what I enjoy about gaming is the company as much as the game. Playing games is less about winning and losing (especially when you are winning). It's always about a chance to meet up with old friends and meeting up with new ones.

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