Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Start Has Been Made

Late on today I have found some time to do a bit of painting. I have more or less finished what I was doing last week. Abandoned gracefully might actually be a better term. The figures are good enough for tabletop.

Now I am really just at the blocking out stage for what I have started today. Definitely not ready for a close up and most of the colours still need a second coat of paint. There are looking like a few opportunities to keep the work going as well.
The immediate queue is four goblin "linemen", a troll, Varag Ghoul Chewer and Griff Oberwald. The troll on it's own would be a big ask but he is most done already. I am hopeful that I will get these finished. If need be, I might drop one or two of the figures. The troll was started months ago, it's been in the paint queue since the beginning of August and it's been on the bench since since February, so finishing it off would put a smile on my face,

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