Sunday, 12 November 2017

End Of The Week - Goblins & Varag Done

It's been an odd week. It's been busy but I have taken time to find the time to paint. Whilst I had higher hopes of getting more done, I have managed to meet my expected target of five figures. There has also been a bit of finishing off of figures that should already have been finished. I have also found some time to play around with some greenstuff. Why, I'm not so sure and there was no real purpose to it. Perhaps this was part of the future plans that I have.
 The bench is not looking good. It needs a bit of work to get it sorted. The construction of the bench itself is not exactly conducive but it is what I have. There may be a bit of sorting out done before I get into the real work next week.
And speaking of the real work. To be honest I can never tell what the next week will hold. What I am thinking at the moment is that it is going to by the Black Elves after being inspired by Thor 3 yesterday.

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