Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Speeding Ahead

Today has been a really busy day. My other half is ill again. the fourth bug in five weeks. I;ve had a plumber in changing the sink, laundry needing doing, do needing walking, not to mention a pile of work needing doing to be done. This morning I was expecting to crash during the day but have been too busy to sleep. This means that I have been up and about and productive. When I have had time I have used it for painting. In fact I have managed to do a lot of painting. My target for the week is almost complete.
As well as doing all of this I have done some work on a dozen or so other figures. Another project I put off is the orcs for Titansgrave. Then there is a stream of fantasy figures that are background projects. These are not really any closer to being finished but it makes me feel good that they are just a bit closer to being done.


  1. It sounds like being busy with the "chores" has really had a positive effect on your painting - it's given you a bit of a jump start!
    When you said you were going green with the ghouls, I was a bit dubious, but I've got to say, they've turned out really REALLY good :-)

    1. I've always thought that if you want something done, give it to a busy man. I've tried a few different things this time around and they have all worked out okay.

      I think they are better than okay but I am glad you think they are really good.