Saturday, 18 November 2017

Black Elves Are Almost Done

I usually set myself a target of five figures a week. What I have done in the past is plan on doing ten in a week and essentially never finishing them. If I stick to five I tend to get them done. Occasionally I stick one or two more in but it tends to get to be too big of a job. Not this week however.
Still work in progress
Basically all that is left is to put in black in all the bits where there isn't any paint. I am hoping that I will get all this done by close of play tomorrow. The fallback plan is put all the work into the non-leader figures but that will still mean that I will get twelve or thirteen figures done.

They did come with shields but they were a little on the high fantasy side and not very dark age. As for finding a replacement, I haven't made up my mind. These are bad guys so I need a suitable bad guy shield. The standard dark age round shield doesn't fit. I was thinking maybe Norman or Roman. I am currently leaning to the Norman kite shield.


  1. Excellent brushwork and a quite unique colourscheme. They are clearly the bad guys, but the lighter colours give them a more sophisticated look. Like they're the descendants of the Atlanteans or something like that.

    1. I have been looking at the limited amount of info from the myths and trying to keep away from the standard fantasy tropes like Tolkien and the Drow. It is pretty difficult to get something that conveys evil in people's heads because they are too used to the tropes now.