Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Black Elf Update

These figures are being painted for my ongoing Viking game. The inspiration for this is mainly the Norse sagas but there is a little bit of Skyrim and the odd little bit of high fantasy thrown in. At it's core is the sagas. Little is said in any of the material that still exists about elves but black elves are mention a little. As I said yesterday, the reference states their skin is as black and they are bad. Anything else you might think you know about elves comes from Tolkien and D&D. Especially the pointy ears.
As you can see, the colours are a ways off from being completed. I am sticking with mostly metallics and some black. Although there is a hint of of purple in the skin tone, there isn't going to be any purple in the clothing. Outside of the metallics and the odd splash of colour for gear, most of the paint will be black.

I have finished off the base coat for the last three figures. These will just get rotated into the queue. So far, having gotten the priming of the last figures few figures, I am happy with the progress. I have even found some time to clear up the bench which should make my week a lot easier.


  1. Very nice! I love the idea of Drow having read many of the Forgotten Realms Novels. My fave figures so far are by Otherworld but i'm yet to pick any up.

    1. I like the concept myself but black elves/drow have become just another D&D monster which has been played about with by GW. I wanted something distinctive and something with, as near as I can get it, a dark age feel with a bit of baroque. This seems to work out well enough. I just need to figure out the shields.