Thursday, 9 November 2017

Actual Progress

I have managed to get some painting done and I am even where I wanted to be by this time of the week. Normally I aim to complete the painting of five figures per week. By this point in the week I hope to have the base layer down on all of them and maybe a bit of work done on the flesh as well. Despite trimming my plans, I am still hoping to finish four goblin players for the orc team, my Varag conversion and the all but finished troll which has been on the bench for months.

I have managed to get some highlighting done on the armour and inked in the uniform base colour. So by own, somewhat limited standard, I am ahead of the curve. Now I am looking at what next week is going to hold. What part of the paint queue is going to rise to the top I wonder. I still haven't got a real long term plan but I remain hopeful.

Really not feeling well. My other half has given me a bug that is far from pleasant. I have a busy couple of days ahead of me so I am hoping the big isn't going to interfere too much

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