Monday, 13 November 2017

The Black Elves Are Coming

I have fifteen black elves to paint so I guess this is me for the rest of the month. Before you say anything there are only twelve of them here, the rest are in the priming queue.This is a good start on the process however.
Not high elves
The Viking myths describe them as having skin as black as pitch. This is a bit too monochrome apart from where it is shiny. It is a pretty good bet that this would look awful as a skin tone. Pure black probably isn't the way to go either. The current plan is something slightly off black with a hint of a light purple in it. The plan is to give them bright white hair. D&D cannot have gotten it all wrong.

A colour scheme has always been a bit of a problem for me. I was looking at something along the lines of the elves in Thor: The Dark World. Black and bronze seemed about right. Too much black was going to clash with the skin. I am still looking for something dark but I do want some colour in them. There appears to be some lizard like skin on the scabbards and some other pieces. This gives me a bit of an option to make them green. I also need to work out what the black elf king's colours are. This will give me a few ideas about what colours to use kind of like gang colours.


  1. An interesting lot to paint, as is your choice of colours. Hopefully we'll see some of them in their fully painted glory soon.

    1. I just don't want them to end up looking like D&D and GW dark elves. Time to break out of the stereotype. I have even trimmed some of the big ears off as that isn't in the Norse myths.