Friday, 23 March 2018

Profound And Vivid Insights

Whilst I am prone to introspection I tend not to do I have spent a good part of the day trying to tart up some more of the old Grenadier figures in my collection. The difference I am noticing is fairly frightening. The stuff I have been repainting recent was either not painted by me or was painted twenty years ago. I was not surprised when it was a bit kack.

Today I am repainting stuff I have painted about five years ago. This was when I was first getting into painting 28mm again for the first time in years. All my painting for a long time before that had been 6mm or 15mm with the odd foray into 28mm. So I was surprised when I realised how bad my painting was five years ago. It is almost easier to recover the stuff that is twenty years old.

Now I am not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand I am quite pleased about how far I have come on my skill building journey. On the other hand I am a little disappointed in myself. I thought I had more talent. Now as I recall it I did push through the painting queue at the time because I had a game to run. I have to say that I thought I had done better back then.

Anyway, I found some foam trays. For months I have been after buying more foam trays. Now I have found ten empty ones. This means that I have finally got somewhere safe to put most of the figures I have painted. This has made me think about some of the large figures I have painted later. This might be a project for the near future.

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