Sunday, 4 March 2018

End Of The (Disappointing) Week

Well I have managed to achieve my targets this week and a few more. I have managed to finish nine old Grenadier. The final results were a little disappointing. I really don't feel much like showing the pictures. Whilst I am calling them finished I am thinking the operative word is abandoned.

There are a lot of figures hanging around the bench. This is mainly down to details on bases needing to be finished. So today I have made an effort to finish them off. This means that the bench now looks comparatively clear.

So onto the goals for next week. The plan is to continue with the bench clear up. There are a lot of part-finished background projects to finish and there is still some more basing to do. Now I have the five part finished figures I talked about the other day. These are the aim for the week. With a bit of luck I will get some more done. I am hoping that I might do some more basing and priming as well.


  1. I'm sure we ALL have weeks like this Fred - I've been on "a bit of a roll" recently with my ECW project, so I know the upcoming slump is going to feel more like a crash!

    Just keep chipping away at the little jobs that NEED doing, and before you know it the "abandoned" projects will be a thing of the past! :-)

    1. ECW takes me back, it was kind of my first wargaming passion, around 1985, I brought a load of second hand plastics and keep meaning to paint them.

      I guess the slump hits us all. That's why I do The New Cruelty thing. It keeps me on track more or less every week but then I have low levels of expectation.

      It is just a matter of keeping at it.