Thursday, 15 March 2018

Just So I can Have Something To Aspire To

28mm figure painting is my life at the moment Not much else is getting a look in, not tabletop and not console or PC gaming. This last couple of weeks has really been about tidying up my work bench. Well more about putting on some final details so I can clear the piles of figures that are either outstanding for some time or just need a few details finishing off. Some of these figures have been on the bench for more than four years. I guess if I had a more immediate use for them they would have been done ages ago.
Anyway I thought about doing a bench clear up. And this is what happened. This is as tidy as the bench is ever likely to be so I thought I would put a picture on the blog to remind me. That said this pictures was taken four days ago.

And four days later...
New stuff is already starting to creep in not to mention the fact that I am already getting close to not being able to see the bench again.

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