Friday, 16 March 2018

Blood Bowl - Doom Lords

Blood Bowl is definitely one of my favourite games. Board games and figures and almost certainly the odd death....what  more could a tabletop gamer want.

There are many blood bowl players out there who love a nice friendly game with a certain amount of strategy. I am partial to this on occasion to. The teams that have been brought out so far are all about the finer points of the game and may even on occasion wish to pass the ball. This is what my games used to be about when I used to play older editions of Blood Bowl. Skaven, various elves, dwarves, humans and even orcs have a few options on attacks and defence and I would make the most of all of them.
This all stopped when I played a game with a Chaos team. Offence is all about the grind. Put almost all your players in a cage and push on through. Defence is all about the grind. Hit em. Hit em. Hit em again. The trouble is my old Chaos team looks a little small compared to the new figures.

But is looks like they are coming. The Doom Lords are on their way. Sadly there isn't much detail out there yet but I remain hopeful. I would guess it will be another sprue of six with probably 2 chaos warriors and 4 beastmen. There may be a bit of variety in there.

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