Saturday, 24 March 2018

Too Early Or Too Late - When Collections Get Out Of Hand

The clocks have gone forward and it is now officially very late. I haven't posted yet as I have been out having fun. I suspect Sunday is going to be a lazy day.

Although I have done a bit of painting today I have been mainly sorting through figures. I found a load of stuff that I thought I had lost. Along with all the stuff I have put away recently my eyes have been opened up to my collection.

The truth is I have no idea what I actually have. The amount of unpainted lead I have is obscene and the amount of plastic seems to be growing even faster. I think I need a proper storage system.  Not just for what I have painted but for the stuff that is yet to be painted/ Perhaps in general I need to review what I actually have a look at the gaps in the collection that need filling before I buy anything else.

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