Tuesday, 21 August 2012

21 Questions

I have seen this doing the rounds. It's therefore a meme and we like memes. How else do we know where we are in the world. Thanks to MattBlackgod and Big Lee for putting me on to it and keeping me awake until an ungodly hour. :-)
  1. Favourite Wargaming period and why?
    It's probably been World War 2 over the years. I guess I would have preferred it to be SF or zombies.
  1. Next period, money no object?
    I am feeling 7TV at the moment.
  1. Favourite 5 films?
    Star Wars
    Dawn of the Dead
    The Maltese Falcon
  1. Favourite 5 TV series?
    Red Dwarf
    The W alking Dead
    The Shield
    With Band of Brothers, The Big Bang Theory, Firefly, Boomtown and Lost getting an honourable mention.

  1. Favourite book and author?
    The Postman by David Brin. The book not the film. The books is a good read and is all about taking responsibility. I don't recommend stuff like books likely but this book had a massive effect on me when I read it. From a recommendation from White Dwarf back in the days when it did book reviews.

  1. Greatest General? Can’t count yourself!!
    Wellington. For doing the best with what he had.
  1. Favourite Wargames rules?
    At the moment it's all Ambush Alley
  1. Favourite Sport and team?
    Widnes Vikings. It's a Rugby League team. If you don't know what that is you should really find out. I was never really sure why they are call Vikings but Vikings are pretty cool. It's got something to do with Widnes being the town of my birth.

  1. If you had a only use once time machine, when and where would you go?
    26th October 2009. If I knew then what I know now.
  1.  Last meal on Death Row?
    Dodo eggs on toast. Not being executed until I've had my eggs.
  1. Fantasy relationship and why?
    Censored. Ow, ow ow, Stop hitting me. Errrr, I'm in my fantasy relationship
  1. If your life were a movie, who would play you?
    Sam Worthington. The likeness is uncanny.
  1. Favourite Comic Superhero?
    Batman. Who cannot like the Dark Knight? (I exclude Batman and Robin film of course, obviously)

  2. Favourite Military quote?
    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. 
    Napoleon Bonaparte
  1. Historical destination to visit?
    The Inca Trail
  1. Biggest Wargaming regret?
    Not finding some people to game with who share my areas of interests.

  2. Favourite Fantasy job?
    Nothing.  I could enjoy my life doing some hobby stuff and a bit of travelling
  1. Favourite Song Top 5?
     Tomorrow is a Long Time – Bob Dylan
     She's Got You High – Mumm Ra
     Hard To Handle – Otis Redding
     Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
    Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones
    There really are too many to mention but these will do for now.
  1. Favourite Wargaming Moment?
    Coming third in the Command Decision world championships. It was a small competition.
  1. The miserable Git question, what upsets you?
    You know who you are. There are so many things that this list would take three or four days to write.

Favourite Video game
The X-Com/Fallout series. I couldn't really decide.



  1. Great list and some cool answers.

    1. Cheers Lee

      I thought it was a good idea. Always happy to piggyback on a good idea.