Thursday, 2 August 2012

Remembering Kuwait

It's the anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait today I am told.  This scared the poop out of me at the time because of the rhetoric that was floating around. Talk in the pub was about conscription and I had just finished my degree.

I was busy think about myself when one
of my mates was about to go out there
and lose a leg.Not to mention all the guys
on both sides that lost their lives. I met
a few Iraqi veterans over the years and
they were just happy to be alive. They
were more scared of Saddam than they
were of Uncles Sam. A poor choice in

I had been playing an old board game called Gulf Strike which kind of pre-empted this and getting drubbed badly as the allies. I am guessing that the game designed thought that it would actually be a challenge
for the allies.

I was sat watching A Company of Wolves when the air attack started. It ended the film. I spent much of the next few days in front of the TV watching what was going on and growing increasingly alarmed.

I regret that we didn't go in and get him back then but I think I regret that more because we ended up with an excuse to go in and get him twenty years later.

I guess that it is funny that, as a gamer, I have never since felt like gaming this particular conflict.

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