Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Big Smegging Rocks, Water Tanks, Some Odd Stuff I Haven't Quite Decided What it is Yet and Mecha Again

Last month seemed a little slow as postings went so hopefully I should get a bit more done this month. Lot  of bits and pieces for this update today some of which have been seen before some not. All for SF zombie, post apocalypse and some might even work for western desert WW2.
The rocks are pretty much complete. I might get round to adding some flock eventually but for now these are fine. I have some more rocks to do but I have run out of filler.  Another twenty year project put to bed. Nice.
Next up is the GZG mecha. I think I have finished tinkering with this for the time being. The camo pattern is kind of central European. It's a nice contrast with the terrain and fits in with the background of the campaign.
This is a water tank from TheScene. Got this a year ago, I have seen them a few times since and they always look good. I added a bit of glue and sand to give it the look of the rest of the terrain.
Lastly these are just a few odds and sods that I had left lying around. The idea was to make them into something that I could use for SF or proper post apocalypse. Again suited to the other terrain.

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