Tuesday, 31 July 2012

X-Com and Zombie Terrain

I have been playing UFO: Enemy Unknown again. Not the upcoming one, the original game from the 1990s. I play it every few years. the concept of running an X-Com game kept me going for years but I was never able to get it all together. Now I am older, I have the bits and I currently have the time.
X-Com urban environment warehouse
Made up from Wills plastic sheeting, which actually looks very close to the actual building in the game if possibly a bit smaller. I figured that this would double as some urban terrain for the zombie game. It's a good size being about 12cm square and a little bigger and and a little lower at 25mm tall to allow me to get three strips out of a sheet rather than the usual 30mm tall.
The next building is going to be the ground floor of the barn from X-Com. The top floor is made of wood and I have run out of wooden panelling so need to go out and get some more.

At a pinch it can fit with the post apocalyptic stuff and any SF stuff I have already got.


  1. Looking pretty good so far mate!

  2. Just got some more bits today to finish off what I started. I have had another go at the work bench so will do the buildings as soon as I have finished the bench. New toys....