Saturday, 21 July 2012

More Work on the Scoutship. The Diversion Continues

So I have a day to myself. Swimbo is over at her mothers. I have done the housework and there is nothing to distract me.

So I have had a go at doing some more work on the Traveller Scoutship. The first thing I noticed was that I had actually missed out a bulkhead so I put that in.
Traveller Type S Scoutship
I wanted to cover up the void areas where the machinery and fuel tanks would be so I used some card to do this. If I have learnt one thing from this process it is work from the top down. I would make more sense to cut the covering card out first and used that as a template. I am also thinking that the central corridor is too narrow and the staterooms are too big. It seems like a lot of effort to put this right but I doubt I will be making one of these again (unless I management to sell it, all reasonable offers considered) so I think I will go back and do something about it. 

I was originally going to go with 15mm squares rather than 20mm. It's a coin toss really. 20mm squares make it easier to move figures around but then throw the scale out a bit. On balance I think I would go back to 15mm squares and drop the wall height a bit.

I have had a bit of a play about doing a 20ton launch as well. This was originally going to be the test bed model but I got carried away.

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