Sunday, 1 July 2012

GZG vac suits

I dragged these out on a whim yesterday. I painted these a while back and was going to paint up the new figures I got at Triples the other month.

I put them back because I want to order some more. I figured that these would do for bad guys and that if I get another couple of packs and some heavy suits I could paint them in a range of colours, so I put the new figures back in storage.
These are fairly high tech suits compared to the ones I have from RAFM. I would guess that the are about traveller TL12 or TL13. I originally painted them up as two teams.

I plan to get some more of these and paint them up a bit more randomly for civilians. I will also get a couple of packs of the Survey Team in vac suits to pad out the figures I have already painted and give the additional figures a bit more variety. I may even get some of the heavier vac suits that might work as hostile environment suits if I ever run a Traveller campaign again.

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