Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bloody Sky

For those of you who have yet to have the pleasure of dealing with any of Robert Murdock's companies, can I auggest that it is a pleasure best postponed. Say hello to Virgin Media. A better service and less hassle.

I am back online though but without much to say. I have done very little painting in the last few days. Real life and Skyrim (sadly too much reall life) have got in the way. I have had a little bit of time in the evenings and I have been thinking about stuff to do with Napoleonics and even thought about some stuff for an oriental RPG campaign which has been at the back of my mind for a few years. I was thinking about doing some terrain for it.

I am not having a good time with life at the moment and it is starting to stress me out more than a little bit. I can see good things around the corner but that corner seems a long way off at the moment.

On the plus side I have had a couple of followers sign up and show that some people like what I am doing.

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