Saturday, 28 July 2012

Continuing the Diversion

As I said the other day I wasn't very happy with how the crew compartment turned out so I have ripped it out and started again. I wanted to be able to get a penny sized base in there as well as be able to get my big fingers in there to move figures around. I also realised that I had made a mistake with the computer room which has been put right. If you enlarge the pictures you will see that I have started adding small details such as pipes, around the ship.
The crew compartment
I wanted the drive room to look busy but still have some  space to move figures around. The bits and pieces were largely stuff I had hanging around, empty pots and some bits from GZGand Ainsty Casting. I haven't fixed most of them in yet as I want to paint the crew compartment grey first.
The drive room
The plan was to paint the hull gold which I have started since I took these pictures. I have some spray paint that has been hanging around for a few years so I might as well use it.

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