Sunday, 22 July 2012

Working on a Building

Gaming and modelling, as with life, never really finishes. Projects are not completed but are merely left to one side for a while. I had a play about with one of the building I put together a few months ago.

I have added a few touches and glued a few bits here and there. The bits are fom critical Mass Games, Scotia Grendel and random bits of flock.The bits from Critical MAss I got at a show and haven't seen them for sale on the web yet.
15mm building for modern post-apocalypse and sci-fi
There is still more work to do on it but maybe I will leave it for a while and work on some of the other buildings or maybe something else entirely.
And the rear of the above
The poster on the rear is a print out of an RDA poster from Avatar I think just to give the games a little bit of flavour.


  1. Thats a nice one. The roof gets off?

  2. The roof comes off on most of the building I do. I like to make them as playable as possible. The only stuff without detachable roofs tends to be the stuff that I would lose my patience with if I tried and some of the papercraft stuff which isn't designed for detachable roofs.