Friday, 20 July 2012

Blogger - Working differently? 100th Post, 5000 Visitors and Some Stuff for eBay

This is more about blogger than anything else. This is also my 100th post and I have made it to over 5000 visitors. So all in all not too bad

Strange this are happening to blogger in recent days.

I noticed the odd change on blogger the other day when I was checking my stats. Now I am seeing that things like followers on people's pages.

Where are mine? Dammit. I want more followers.

Followers has never worked whilst I have been blogging so I never really thought about it. Now I have serious "Followers" envy.

On a slightly more practical note, I have had a chance to find some some stuff to put on eBay.
This is some Citadel stuff from a long time ago. I am told the genestealer patriarch is worth a fair bit of money I thought and the space marine (epic) Warhound Titan.

The gem is Don Uggie and the Ape gang which I am told is pretty rare. I really liked the figures when I got them. They just never really fitted in with any game I ever ran. SO I thought I'd sell them and get them out of the way.

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