Friday, 27 July 2012

Bits and Pieces

I have had some time to do a few bits and pieces of terrain today. Swimbo has just gone out and she has left me alone for a few hours today.
Big rocks and bigger mecha with a few GZG troopers for scale
 This is more of a closeup of the rocks and the marines. The idea is that I am going to cover the base with PVA and sand and then paint it to match the rest of the terrain. If this works then I will do some more. just to give you an idea of the speed I work at, I retrieved the rocks from my parents old, old house before they moved with the idea to do this. They moved out of this house in 1994. I get round to things eventually.
I did a bit of work on the mecha as well today. I put some lines on it and then did a bit of dry brushing. it has brought out the rocket pods quite nicely. In the foreground is some wreckage. It's made from a part of an old 25mm vehicle that got repurposed recently.
I wanted to do some rubble and this was a test bed. It's a 50mm wooden base with some flexible filler and a load of odds and sods from my bits box to make it look interesting.

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