Sunday, 5 August 2012

Another Fairly Busy Morning

I'm still working on some terrain. I think I am compensating for stuff I have wanted to do for years. I can't help but think I haven't painted any figures for ages though. Still I have been putting some stuff together.

Firstly I have had some Grendel turrets for a long time. I did paint them when I got them only not very well. I have been tarting them up to fit in with the rest of the terrain.  This is the result. I know that they are really for 25/28mm but as there is nothing that gives them real scale I thought that no one would really care.
I have been playing around with the idea of rad pits for a while.  Well they are on the to do list. The time is right I guess so this is what materialised.
These look more like the the pools of green goo from the original two Fallout games than the more recent ones that I guess people are more familiar with. The goo is scorpion green paint in one case mixed with "Real water" and in the other case just poured on top of it. I wanted to see how both techniques turned out. Let me know which looks better. Still a bit more work to be done on them yet.
I am planning on using the technique to make some pools of water, sludge and maybe even a formal pond if I get round to doing some gardens.

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