Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Goo Pits

I have added another goo pit and done some more painting. A few tufts of sisal matting, a cut up barrel and some small stones have been used to make them a bit more interesting. I was planning to use a skeleton in one but have lost it with all the moving stuff that has been going on.
goo pits

I'd like to do a few more if I have the need. I fancy one with an island in the middle of it. Time and will power seem a little in short supply at the moment.

I figured that I would use these for post apocalypse. I have seen the Fallout stuff and thought they for the bill. I was thinking that they might make spawning points for a zombie games particularly those that favour Return of the Living Dead Part II.

I am beginning to think it's been a while since I picked up a 00 brush in anger. Maybe it's time to give up brushes from B+Q for those from Windsor and Newton.

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