Saturday, 4 August 2012

More Bits of Terrain, Mainly Post-Apocalypse

I have been working on a lot of bits over the last few days so haven't got anything too chunky to post about. I wanted some bits and pieces of rubble, well quite a few pieces anyway so I thought I'd have a play about and see what I could come up with. I have also been finding old stuff that I had laying around I thought could possibly use it again.
Nothing much really. Think I have posted a few bits as work in progress and found some stuff I had for the Spanish Civil War that could be used again. This is the sort of stuff I want to have available to make the tables look a bit more interesting.
These are more stuff of the terrain to do list. I wanted some simple bins. This one is made from a plastic counter. It's a little too wide I think but hey it isn't costing anything. The other thing will be a planter when painted and some soil and plants are put in it.
Another thing on the list was some rad pits. I did a tester and think that some icky green paint and some Woodland Scenic "Realistic Water" (could I tone the irony up a bit) should give me the effect I want. They look a bit poor at the moment but they will look okay when I have finished with them. If these work out I'll make some more. Then I may even get round to making some ponds and a small lake.

I have also been working on a sheriff's office or small police station but I'll put that up another day.


  1. Those look nice. I've found out all those little details and "useless" terrain really adds to the table, making the games more enjoyable.

    Police station, you say? That sounds like something to look forward to see!

    1. I plan to do a few more and some smaller scatter stuff. I also wanted to do some casualty markers. I thought of doing some goo pools and ash piles just like Fallout. I was also going to use some of the odds and sods bits such as fuel tanks to make some smaller scatters along side a nother four or five of the larger pieces.

      The police station is put together and covered. Now I need to find more ways to make it look good.