Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How Many Roads.....

Feeling a little better today. Dizzy on occasion and the light sensitivity has gone down a fair bit. So able to do something a bit more practical but I am still not at the stage where I want to sit at the work bench. So I began to think about some design work. I was thinking about how to lay out the roads. AS I can't find my PC version of CorelDraw I am back to using Libre Office Draw. This would be fine, I am not looking at skilled work, just boxes and line, but the damn thing keeps crashing. I wouldn't mind but it's simple boxes without anything to complicated. The most annoying thing is when it crashes when I have asked it to save. There is a lot of advice on the web about what to do. I have followed all of it. Hasn't helped. I have come to the conclusions it's a bit s"!t.

It's worth blocking things out to give you an idea of what you are looking at. I come from the UK so he roads here are all right hand drive. Practically every where else has left hand drive (Bloody Americans :) not to mention the Germans and the French) so road markings on junctions are really obviously different. Everything else should be fine. So I will need to lots of junctions or things will look wrong. I will start with doing left hand drive versions. Fortunately the UK has not been the scene of any major land battles whilst we have had metaled roads. Might be a problem if I want to do VBCW.
This is a sample of the plan. I am currently thinking about how to work out the practicalities. Beveled terrain usually looks better but there is a part of me that wants to use this for something a bit more integrated, maybe putting magnets in it and finding some steel sheets to attach to the board. If I do that the Y junctions may be redundant.
As a addendum, I've added a few dirt tracks. This will probably be the first project as I am guessing it this will be the easiest to complete. Just work out the curves.

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  1. Check the size of the vehicles you want to use. Three by two will be alright for smaller cars but lousy for vans and ambulances which should, just, get into the space. Two by five might be more like it.