Saturday, 11 February 2017

Scatter Terrain

I have done some actual physical gaming stuff. I'm still thinking about terrain. I have had a few ideas hanging around in my mind for a while for piles of stuff found on a building site. One of them was to use some plastic pipes that I got years ago at B&Q in a sale for 50p. These are just going to get painted up as large concrete pipes and stuck on a  wooden base.

Speaking of wooden bases. I have a load of old bases for DBA. I have glued some of these and the plan is to paint them pink. At 40mm by 20mm they are just about right for 8" by 2" pink insulation foam sheets. I could probably do the same for piles of boards. A couple of stacks of both of these should go down okay. I am going to do a bit more by way of covered piles, some off cuts covered by some plastic sheeting. I'd like some corrugated plastic to do a pile of wriggly tin. I'd like to make some pallets but I suspect that is going to be more trouble that it's worth. I have some smaller barrels that would do fine on these and larger barrels that would be okay on their own.Then I can put some stuff on top of them. I did some card pseudo ISO containers with a sci-fi vent. I might do a few, maybe half a dozen, that are more in keeping with a contemporary vibe. Piles of smaller pipes, like drain pipes and I beams might easily be feasible too. Although I haven't got any I could order some porta toilets and a generator or too Some bricks would be nice to. I have seen a few brick piles done and might have a go at that as well. Can't have bricks without mortar. If I can find some sacks, all I would need to do is paint a blue circle on them and a little bit of flash and I would have bags of cement.
The last one is some piles of wood. I decided to do this several months ago and cut the pieces out of coffee stirers and left them in a box. So I have glued them together on another base I wasn't going to use. I have enough to do another similar pile or make this one bigger. Each is about 3" by 1" in terms of base  size. I have a lot of waist high obstacles and I would like a couple of taller ones but I am thinking more is better and a stack that high would be unrealistic.

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  1. I like that idea of the wood pile, just the ticket.