Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I was looking at how much the cut foam would be to do everything I had planned. I always like to do things on a budget. That said, sometime you need to spend the money. The grand total came up to around the £200 pound mark. So the project would be a lot more expensive than I was hoping and it's a lot of money for something that might be a complete white elephant.

So I have decided to spend a chunk of it and get some stuff done and then see how things progress. The plan is now to do some 6" wide tarmac roads and some dirt tracks. Picking a figure, that would be at least fifty feet of roads and paths. It sounds like a lot but it only includes about twelve feet of straight roads, plus junctions. I am beginning to think that this isn't actually enough.

I am still in the planning stage. This is mainly down to the fact that I am still ill. I am amazed that I have gotten anything done I have been that tired. Now it is getting time to go to bed, I am wide awake. I missed out on my game last night, the show on Sunday and all the time I have missed out painting and doing terrain. This sucks...

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