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Weapons For ET-Com

I haven't been doing much today. This flu is odd. I feel lousy but as long as I don't move to much I am okay. This have given me some time do typing. So I have been working on some stuff for ET-Com (the astute amongst you may have noticed that I have changed the name). I like a lot of background for my games and this seemed like a place to start.

Although this is just fluff, that no one will probably read, I feel like doing it so I began with the weapons they are starting with. The weapons are all based on Imperial Guard weapons (some modified) simply because the figures are imperial guard ones. These are the ones I have used and converted for use in the planned game. I did think about under-barrel grenade launchers and flamethrowers but haven't gone there yet. I will do some drawings for these based on figures I have and post them here and add a stat block when I find what I have done already.

The Taser (designated X1 Blazer) is designed to tackle aliens so is considerably more powerful than standard tasers. It is designed to fire a large charged Blazer projectile over a short distance. When it hits, it prongs on the front of the projectile should pierce the hide of the target and deliver a high voltage shock, hopefully stunning the target. It is hoped that this weapon can be used to take down aliens so that they might be interrogated and possibly experimented on. This weapon is unlikely to have much effect on armoured or robotic targets. It may fatigue it’s targets. When it is carried, it replaces the soldiers side arm. All agents and military ranks of corporal and above have been trained in the use of this weapon but you would be surprised how few people seem willing to use it
                                                        gun      mag
         damage    range     rounds weight weight  notes
Taser   special    2/4/8 4       1          4       0.25    1 round to reload

The Auto-Pistol fires the standard round common to most ET-Com weapons with a magazine capacity of eight rounds. Having such a large round has meant that the magazine cannot be fitted in the grip so has been mounted towards the front of the weapon which also means the barrel is somewhat shorter than conventional pistols. It is also a big bulky beast of a side arm (which lead to it’s designation as the X2 Beast). This makes it a little less accurate so the weapon has a shorter accurate range than most contemporary pistols. It has a quick release holster meaning that drawing the weapon and firing it in the same turn does not invoke a multi-action penalty making it easy to change to using this weapon. All troops and agents are trained in the use of this firearm although not all carry it.

                                                       gun     mag
         damage    range     rounds weight weight  notes
Pistol 2d8          6/12/24      8           4        1       AP 1, semi

The Sub-Machine Gun (designated the X3 Blaster) is really a fully automatic carbine which fires the standard ET-Com round. It’s magazine holds twenty five rounds which is fires in five bursts. It is designed to combine the effectiveness of the Combat Rifle with some of the close combat usefulness of weapons like shotguns. It is significantly lighter than the other long arms in the arsenal due to it's significantly educed body length, lighter barrel and folding stock. Although less accurate at longer ranges it is fully automatic and gets a +1 to the Shooting roll at targets in the close range bracket. The weapons lighter weight has allowed it to carry more ammunition than the rifle. It’s rate of fire allows it to suppress targets at medium and long range if two bursts are used. All troops are trained to use the weapon and it is an ideal choice for less physically developed troops. It is commonly deployed be vehicle crews and agents. Bayonets cannot be fitted to this weapon.

                                                    gun     mag

       damage   range     rounds weight weight notes

SMG 2d8         8/16/32      5          7          4     AP 1, fully-auto

As the standard firearm, ET-Com has chosen the Combat Rifle (designated as the X4 Bruiser). It is a heavy rifle which fires the standard ET-Com round. A magazine holds twelve rounds which it fires in four three round bursts. Design compromises have led to this weapon having to limited to the three round burst setting only. Combat rifles are normally equipped with a red dot scope although this can be detached and replaced with others. It does not have the ability to fire is suppressive mode. Soldiers consider this to be the best all round weapon with a good rate of fire and a reasonable supply of ammunition. It is the only weapon in the arsenal that can mount a standard bayonet. All soldiers are trained to use the Combat Rifle although some have opted for other weapons. Some agents have been trained in the use of this weapon.
                                                        gun      mag
       damage      range     rounds weight weight notes
Rifle    2d8           10/20/40    4         9         3       AP 2, 3rb
As some aliens are known to charge into hand to hand combat, it was decided to introduce the Assault Shotgun (designated as the X5 Blamo). It is a pump action weapon which carries four rounds. This one of the few standard weapons not to use the standard Rather it uses the large 4 gauge shotgun shell. This is a weapon that is nearly as punishing to fire as it is to be hit by. It is unpopular with all but the strongest soldiers in the team. Anyone trained in the use of the rifle can replace it with this weapon if they are strong enough to cope with the recoil. A cut down version of the weapon has been attached by one of the soldiers to his Combat Rifle (currently designated at the X4A Bruiser+). This has produced a ugly, even heavier rifle with an additional a two shot under-barrel cut down shotgun.
Bayonets cannot be fitted to this weapon.
                                                                       gun     mag
                               damage  range rounds weight weight  notes
Combat Shotgun 2-4d6     4/8/12     4         8          1        

The Sniper Rifle (designated the X6 and nicknamed Bogdan after it’s chief design engineer) is the heaviest of all of the standard X-Com firearms. Like it’s counterparts it fires the standard round which has a slightly increased charge in the round. Effectively it is an acccurised, single shot version of the Combat Rifle with a longer, heavier barrel, improved stock and ruggedised mechanism. It comes with a short, four round magazine. Sniper rifles can, and usually do, mount a detachable scope. It works well as a stand-off weapon and to take down bigger armoured targets. ET-Com currently has relative few trained snipers so only a few of these weapons are used. This weapon cannot be fired if the operator has already moved this round. Firing this weapon before movement in a round invokes no penalty. Only specialist troops are trained to operate this weapon. Bayonets cannot be fitted to this weapon.

                                                                        gun      mag
                         damage     range   rounds weight weight  notes
Sniper Rifle        2d10          12/24/48    5          11         2    AP 3. snap fire

The LMG is ET-Com’s light support weapon of choice. It is an upgraded version of the standard Combat Rifle with a heavier barrel, drum magazine and bipod. Like the Combat Rifle it used the standard ET-Com round which, like the sniper rifle has an a slightly increased charge in the round. High ammunition capacity of forty rounds make is ideal for suppressive fire for which it get a +1. if the firer is stationary the get +2 on suppressive fire. On the downside this means that the drum magazines are very heavy. It is normal for the gunner only to carry one additional drum. Drums are often carried by members of the team. It requires a particularly strong operator to fire effectively. This is a big and bulky weapon (which has lead to it’s designation of X7 Boulder). This weapon is respected for it’s firepower and reviled for it’s weight. Only specialist troops are trained to operate the LMG. Bayonets cannot be fitted to this weapon.

                                                                       gun     mag
                        damage     range    rounds weight weight notes
SAW                  2d10         12/24/48    4         14         6     AP 3

ET-Com has chosen a new development in grenade launchers as it’s close support weapon of choice. The Launcher (designated as the X8 Bomber) is capable of firing a large grenade, directly or indirectly at a moderate range. It has been designed to take out targets behind cover and provide a large area of effect. The standard round does significant explosive and concussion damage and, like regular grenades, Launchers are capable of doing significant damage to terrain. Despite it's bulk, it's composite construction makes it deceptively light to carry. Having a significant kick, it is only issued to stronger members of the team and training is only provided to specialist troops.

                                                                        gun      mag
                        damage     range      rounds weight weight   notes
Launcher          special      12/24/48      1         6         2        medium burst

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