Thursday, 23 February 2017

Small Steps And Zombies

Doing this daily blog thing is becoming a bit of a pain but I am sticking with it. It is keeping me motivated but maybe not to keep painting. As part of it inspires me to do something almost every day, even if it is only a little something. So here I am, two months down the line and still going. Even if the content has been a little light.

So today has been busy. I am still looking for something to do next. What I want to do here and now is still being frustrated by the weather. Storm Doris has hit hard today so even going out of the house was a bit of a challenge. The cars are still waiting to be done and I am still looking at getting some more.

My head is still being turned by zombies. I have the urge to watch all of the Romero films all over again. The second film was a really big influence on me and it was probably the defining film of my teenage years. This is mainly because I was big into horror films at the time. The remakes are good and some of them do some justice to the originals but they are not the originals.

I have a lot of zombie miniature. It could certainly be said that I have too many zombies. Most of these were painted a long time ago and my skills have improved a lot since then. So I think it would be worth doing some more. I am a big fan of the Cold Wars zombies and I am looking at the zombies from Studio Miniatures. This is along side all the All Out War stuff from Mantic.

Zombie games have been my bread and butter for years. Most of my mates just won't play zombie games. They like fantasy. Especially D+D which I think is the worst fantasy game of all time. So as I am am getting to play in zombie games now, I will look at doing a zombie game of my own.

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