Wednesday, 22 February 2017

What's Next

I haven't done anything miniatures related today. My workbench is now covered with part done cars. I have more to do. Most need another coat and some just need a first coat. Storm Doris seems to be proving us with endless rain so spraying outdoors with gloss paint is a bit of a no-no. This has created a bit of a log jam. Other stuff has also gotten in the way. The best part of a hour it took to get a prescription filled did not help.

So I have done some game prep. My current vibe is around The Walking Dead: All Out War. I am watching it on the TV and I keep looking at buying it online and painting videos on YouTube. This is on top of playing a zombie game on Monday nights which I am really enjoying. I have also had some more thoughts about X-Com.

It looks like I am off airsofting in the weekend and I need to start prepping that. I suspect there is a few hours work in that. Space is at a premium and I am thinking I am going to have to make some space in the garage prior to starting off on this. I used to like airsofting a lot more but I guess I feel I am getting to old for it. Odd then that it's one of my mates who is a bit older than me that has talked me back into it.

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