Saturday, 18 February 2017

Life Mocks Me

Having had such a great day yesterday has meant that there had to be some payback. The low point being treading in a dog t%*d that fell off the dog as it walked in. Although I did get a shed load of stuff done this morning, my output has dwindled a lot this afternoon and evening. There was a lot of spray painting. The smell has stuck with me all day.

So when I got up it was raining. So I the first thing was to starting putting some more laser cut stuff together. My plan is still to work some more of the X-Com plan. Terrain is obviously featuring highly as I want to have a number of terrain environments for the players to run around in. these are going to be roughly based around the X-Com game. The first one is looking like the building site. An urban site, maybe a high street is probably next. After that will be a UFO. So the next bit I am working on is a few bits for that.
The power cores I have talked about before. The control panels are new. The plan is to give me a range of options. Smaller ships will probably only have one with larger ships having multiples. There are plenty of more options.

After that I have sprayed some of the car bodies. I have a few more to do but I really need some more colours. I got hold of a green and yellow really cheaply when one of the local B&Qs closed down. So a red, shiny white, blue, silver and a shiny black would be nice but that might be a bit costly. I might also get even more of the cheap plastic cars.

Then it started raining again so it was back to the laser cut scatter terrain. I glued together some space age cargo pods. I striped a few more cars of their sticky labels. This really does take an age. Another plan is to cut up some branches to use as trees. Some will do for tree stumps, some as fallen trees but I am hoping most will end up as trees. I was playing a game on Monday where the guy placed some trees. I was looking at the scale of them an is was all wrong. Tree trunks should be a lot wider, especially if you want to hide behind them. Real trees, in the main, have enough space to walk under. So I figured if I got a branch into two inch sections and glued it to a base, this would look good enough for what i wanted. Then a bit of work on the building site terrain. this is nearly finished so I hope they will be finished by close of play tomorrow.

Now it's time for bed. If I want to get anything done tomorrow, I'd better get to bed.

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